Who Is George Wilson A Victim In The Great Gatsby

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Many people have had an unrealistic or unattainable dream. No clearer is the idea represented than in F.Scott Fitzgerald’s historical fiction novel, The Great Gatsby. Specifically with the main character,Gatsby, who is essentially the personification of the American dream. As such, he is fundamentally an innocent victim who is destroyed by his inability to accept reality. However the people he interacts with are far from innocent. Despite a continuous affair with Gatsby and a previous agreement to run away with him,”...When she [Daisy] learns the truth about him [Gatsby], her interest in him quickly fades.” (Tyson 69). Not only does this betray their agreement but demonstrates that Daisy was only interested in Gatsby as long as he was wealthy. This causes Gatsby to be so lost in thought about losing, “...the old warm world..” (Fitzgerald 169) that he did not notice George Wilson approaching and firing the bullet that ends his, Gatsby’s, life. However that brings up the question of why George Wilson …show more content…

Certainly there is more than one cream colored Rolls-Royce car in all New York so what lead George Wilson to Gatsby? Tom Buchanan is to blame. After the death of his wife, Wilson, ”..tracks down a sometimes-business acquaintance and customer, whom he has reason to believe can tell him both the identity and the whereabouts of the owner of the car...”(West 2) This acquaintance is Tom Buchanan, who admits that he,”’...told him the truth..He was crazy enough to kill me if I hadn’t told him who owned the car.’”(Fitzgerald 187) This starts Wilson’s journey to kill Gatsby, asking someone in West Egg how to get to Gatsby’s house, sneaking into Gatsby’s yard and murdering Gatsby. Had Tom not told Wilson that it was Gatsby that killed his wife, Wilson would not have gone on a journey to kill him and Gatsby would still be

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