Who Is Hermia In A Midsummer Night's Dream

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Hermia is audacious in that she will defy a person of virtuous authority and will take risks so she can get what she wants. First and foremost, she disobeyed her father when Theseus says Demetrius is a worthy gentlemen to marry. Hermia, without hesitation replies “so is Lysander” because she believes Lysander is as equally worthy of a gentlemen as Demetrius. This shocks Theseus because generally women in the 1600’s are submissive and were not allowed to speak without being given permission. His delayed response, was evidence of his shock. Secondly, when Hermia didn’t sleep with Lysander, she believes, when not formally married, with “such separation” they “Become a virtuous bachelor and a maid”. By sleeping alone she thinks they are being ethical and are morally correct. With this, she is dauntless as not only did she boldly reject the idea, but she also humiliates Lysander by saying, he riddles very “prettily” when he tried to convince her of sleeping together. …show more content…

By saying this, she is considering the possibility of not marrying Demetrius, therefore choosing to go against the duke, which is equivalent to defying the Law of Athens. In conclusion, although Hermia’s daringness is admirable, if she continues to be so self-assured, this can lead to cockiness, overconfidence, and she can get herself into irreversible

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