Who Is Jerry Sandusky Responsible For The Crimes At Penn State

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On November 4, 2011, Jerry Sandusky, former defensive coordinator for Penn State, was accused of sexually abusing eight children during his time at Penn State. More news followed saying that officials at Penn State knew about the incidents, but failed to report any of it to law enforcement. Jerry Sandusky was with Penn State for a total of 32 years. In that time, his actions outside of football didn’t go completely unnoticed. In 1998, an 11-year-old boy told his mother that Sandusky showered with him and may have engaged in some inappropriate contact. Later, Sandusky was asked about the incident, admitting that he did shower with the boy, but apologized saying he will never do it again. No charges pressed against him (CNN). Sandusky retired in 1999, but more reports of his inappropriate actions were to come. From 2000 to 2011, multiple reports about Sandusky engaging in sexual activities with little boys started to come out. In 2000, a janitor at Penn State told his supervisor that he saw Jerry Sandusky sexually abusing a boy in the showers, but no one reported the incident to officials. In 2002, Joe Paterno, head coach at Penn …show more content…

From 2005 to 2008, Sandusky became friends with a young boy from the Second Mile program. The boy later described that Sandusky met him in a swimming pool at the camp ran by his foundation. He wanted the boy to hang out with him outside of camp, so he gave Sandusky his mom’s phone number to get a hold of him. Sandusky “seemed nice” said the boy. The boy would sleep over for up to four hours at his house. Sandusky started off by just touching the young boy. Eventually forcing him to engage in anal and oral sex. Once the boy turned 16, he had enough (pennlive). It was later reported that he performed oral sex 20 times, and the boy did it once to him. The boy, at age 18 later testified against Sandusky during his trial on 2011

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