Who Is Jose Mouurinho Target Audience

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All forms of media use language to influence its target audience, even if the article seems objective or non-bias the writer is still writing to favour a certain demographic. The two articles had two things in common, both written about sport and include the topic Jose Mourinho. These two common grounds that they share open up another group of commons grounds that influence the target audience. The two articles that were chosen were “Jose Mourinho: FFP rule breakers should not be league champions - BBC” and “Jose Mourinho: the hypocrite - The Roar”. The articles both include Jose Mourinho, but they are certainly some different opinions on the matters. However there are many more contrasting aspects of the articles, showing how techniques such as emotive appeals, short sentences and how target audience is critical to the success of the story. …show more content…

The web page for both are set up so that at the top of the page links to different articles and sub-headings are available. On the BBC internet article when talking about the FFP rules it has an embedded tab saying “Read more to FFP rules” encourages the reader to read another article? On The Roar article it has just above the start of the article two tabs leading to the sub-headings “Football News and FFA Cup News”. The web pages also have their logos in either at the top of the article of at the bottom of article, since they want the reader to return and access news through their website. The articles also have the quick ability to “share the story”, which encourages the spreading of the article. The layouts for articles, especially for the internet influence the effectiveness of the of the article and are very

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