Who Is Montag In Fahrenheit 451

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“ ‘And you must be’ -she raised her eyes from his professional symbols ‘-the fireman.’ Her voice trailed off. ‘How oddly you say that.’ ” (Page 6). One of Ray Bradbury’s most well-known pieces, Fahrenheit 451, begins in a futuristic world where firefighters aren’t fighting fires. These futuristic firemen don’t fight fires, they create them. First of all, firemen are very important in this future world because they are responsible for burning books. Beatty is the captain of the firemen and is also Montag’s boss. Montag never understood how firemen came to be after a young girl named Clarisse questioned him. According to Beatty, many years ago society didn’t appreciate how books were fiction and that they didn’t connect to real life. “ ‘Books aren’t people. You read and I look all around, but there isn’t anybody!’ ” (Page 69). They decided to ban books and since then houses have been fireproofed. With technology advancing, firefighters had hardly any purpose until people in society banned books. Firemen became …show more content…

” It was a pleasure to burn.” (Page 3) He was even questioned by Clarisse if he was happy and Montag responded with ‘yes’(Page 10). This eventually changes throughout the novel. His life becomes completely different for him when his crew was called to an old lady’s house for illegally owning many books. She was deeply rooted to her books she refused to leave her house and she burnt with them. This event made Montag realize that being a fireman is harsh and cruel. This event also led Montag into taking a book home discretely. If a fireman takes a book home, they have twenty-four to forty-eight hours to return it to the station. If the book is not returned, then fireman will come to burn it for him. Fortunately, he was not caught at first, but his wife, Mildred, ended up betraying him and reported

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