Who Is Responsible For The Deaths Of Romeo And Juliet Essay

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William Shakespeare 's Romeo and Juliet shows that there are several reasons that eventually causes the death of the young couple, Romeo and Juliet. The three main reasons that caused the death on the young lovers are their reckless behaviors, fate, and the family feuds. The first main reason that causes the death of Romeo and Juliet is because of the reckless behaviors. The first careless behavior that Romeo performed was going to Juliet’s balcony and stating “kinsmen are no stop me” (pg. 510). This quote shows that Romeo would not care if he is to get caught by the guards. Juliet knew that “they will murder thee [Romeo]” (pg. 510) if they found Romeo talking to her from her balcony. This shows how heedless Romeo is and also how affectionate his love is for her. The last unwise decision is made Juliet when she takes a potion to temporarily kill her. As she drinks the potion she feels “a faint cold fear thrills through my [juliet 's] veins” (pg. ) then soon after she meet death. This shows how foolish she is because she takes a lethal potion not completely sure if she would survive …show more content…

The second most important reason that causes the demise of Romeo and Juliet is that fate was involved. The chorus in the script of Romeo and Juliet describes them as “a pair of star-crossed lovers” (pg. 483). Star-crossed lovers mean love that is doomed to fail, so they had the fate that their love was doomed to fail. Another example of fate in the story is when Romeo sees Juliet at her (Capulet’s) party and the first thing he asked himself was “my heart love till now?” (pg. 500). Romeo believed it was the fate for him to see Juliet at the party. The last example of fate in the story of Romeo and Juliet is when “speed to mantua was stayed” (pg.586) when the letter to Romeo did not deliver in time. The letter explained Juliet’s plan to fake her death and how she is actually alive. This important letter did not deliver in time so it is believed that fate caused this catastrophic

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