Who Is To Blame For Myrtle Wilson's Death

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Myrtle Wilson was killed in a fatal car crash on Monday the 7th of August, when she ran on to the road and was hit by a yellow car, recently identified as Jay Gatsby’s car. After hitting Mrs. Wilson, the car did not stop. Gatsby was returning from New York to his home, but when travelling through the valley of ashes, Myrtle Wilson ran into the road and was then hit by Gatsby’s car. Following her recent death, Mrs. Wilson has been identified as Mr. Gatsby’s ‘Mystery Mistress’ who has been spotted many times inside his large mansion in West Egg. George Wilson, Myrtle’s husband has said that he knew she was having an affair, but with whom he did not know. In light of recent events, he had the following to say; “I loved Myrtle. We were planning

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