Richard Bennett: The Unfortunate PM

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Richard Bennett: The Unfortunate PM Richard Bennett was not impactful enough to be considered one of Canada's successful Prime Ministers; some might say he was a failure. Born on the 3rd of July, 1870 (New Brunswick, Hopewell Cape) then to a town of 1,800 people, Bennett did not see a long and tough political career ahead of him. His family at the time was poor and living off of farm produce, introducing him to an early life of thrift. Although his family wasn't well-off they still managed to get him into a local school in Hopewell Cape. After graduating from local school, he worked at a law office to save enough to attend law school at Dalhousie University. He then graduated with a law degree in 1893. Fast-forward 34 years of attempts and constant deliberation to practice law at a high level, meet the leader of the Conservative party from 1927-1938, and Canada's 11th Prime Minister from …show more content…

Many believe that a leader should not make mistakes; Richard Bennett had quite a few. For example, due to his plans to save the economy that both failed, the Prime Minister had a special type of transport named after him. The car of an owner who couldn't afford gasoline was being navigated by a horse, also known as the "Bennett Buggy". Furthermore, Bennett didn't advance the country, if anything, he made it worse. His plans and "ineffectiveness" changed people's views about him, making them think they didn't want any future plans from this "Prime

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