Who's The Credibility Of Demonic Possession?

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Is a person the only controller of his or her thoughts and actions? Can a person be truly possessed and robbed out of his or her control over his or her own actions? Possession as a term can be defined as the takeover or owning of something. Demons are the spiritual creatures that are said to exist and live with us. Collectively the term demonic possession means the takeover of someone’s body, mind, or actions by a spirit or demon. Whether a person could be possessed or not has been an argumentative topic for decades among all people from various cultures. The different occurrences that are attributed to the control of demons make the credibility of demonic possession questioned. In the past and throughout history, multiple events were attributed to or described as the work of demons and …show more content…

Although many people believe that demons could takeover people’s minds and bodies, this belief can be proved to be nothing but an overused superstition, spread by the illiterate and used by frauds and tricksters as an excuse for their wrong doings, using medical, specifically mental, psychological, and religious proofs.

There are various proofs that demonic possession does not exist and one of these proofs is the proof related to the mental state of the supposedly possessed person. Mental disorders have been rapidly spreading and gaining new forms in the past decades. These newly discovered disorders are not recent but they were already existing but without being diagnosed or classified. Due to the widespread ideology that demons could take over the body and the lack of medical explanations to some symptoms, people would always think of demonic possession as the first diagnosis for

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