Why Beggars Are Despised Analysis

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In the United States of America there are about 1.56 million people who are homeless. Only a few privileged minds can effectively explain the hardships and emotional standpoints of those without a home. However even though they can explain these points, some still may never understand how troubling it is to live with no home. Two essays that outstandingly provide an accurate standpoint of the homeless community are “Homeless” by Anna Quindlen and “Why Beggars are Despised” by George Orwell.
In any piece of writing there lies a main purpose as to why the author sat down and wrote a piece. For both essays in which refers to homelessness, their purpose is to inform, persuade, and provoke. In “Homeless” Quindlen give us information on the homeless in order to form her opinions that are full of emotion. For instance, she discusses how Ann’s emotions toward her …show more content…

This informs the reader about the state of mind present in those who are homeless. This purpose is present in “Why Beggars are Despised” because Orwell provided information on the ideas that result in the hatred of Beggars. He explains how the working class despises those who beg because the working class feels that they have all this work to do while beggars just ask and receive. The next purpose that is represented is to Persuade. Both authors use their informative ways in order to create an essay that would push the reader into agreeing with a certain side. In “Homeless”, Quindlen uses the emotions of those who are homeless in order to support her opinion on the importance of homes and state of those who are without a home. As for Orwell, he uses

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