Reasons Couples Divorce

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Reasons Couples Divorce
Couples divorce due to different reasons. For instance, most of the marriage breakdowns come as a result of infidelity. Cheating is a significant driver of divorce. Different research studies have indicated that infidelity is among the most prominent betrayals a marriage can face. Destruction of trust in weak relationships can be the death knell to the relationship. Charlie Simpson states “the number one reason why couples divorce is infidelity issues”. As a marriage counselor for over 10 years Simpson worked with multiple cases where infidelity was one of the main problems. When infidelity comes into play, you must consider the reason behind it. Are you still attracted to your spouse sexually? Are you attracted to your
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Simpson states “Yes, there will be challenges in the first couple of months of divorce. Over the years couples grow accustomed to having the other one there. For instance, if you guys worked together as a team to complete the mission, it will seem impossible to complete that mission without the other team mate, right? The first couple of months of divorce include financial difficulties as one has to rethink his or her spending habits as well as financial situations.” Rather you are helping each other get the children ready for school or splitting the bills down the middle, it will be challenging once you lose that support system. You will be forced to tackle those problems on your own after a divorce. Another challenge is breaking ties with your ex-spouse family. When the family takes sides shutting a person out, it is normal for one to feel betrayed or resentful because your ex-spouse family was also your family at one point (Instone-Brewer, 2002). People undergo different adjustments during separation before divorce. The first and major adjustment is developing a sense of self as well as being single. When one was married, he or she used to be part of a team; however, after the divorce one may feel lost and may not be aware of whom they are (Horváth-Szabó et al., 2015). This means that one must adjust to find his or her way of feeling comfortable with being single again. Secondly, after divorce, one should…show more content…
Divorce affects children in different ways. It is always stressful for children to deal with divorce as most of them do not want their parents to be apart. This explains why most of the children have a hard time dealing with divorce with a good number of them being depressed. Additionally, divorce increases the risk that children will suffer from behavioral as well as psychological problems (Cherlin, 2009). When children are troubled, there are high chances that they will develop problems with disobedience, anger as well as rule violation. Moreover, it has been proven that most of the resilient children report ongoing worries as well as painful memories concerning divorce or the relationship with their parent. Simpson added “Following a divorce, it is also important that you pay close attention to your child, if you see any signs of depression, anger, or other signs, these are usually a cry out for help, and the child should seek immediate counseling to cope with the divorce as well.” Another good solution to help your child would be to read “Helping Children Survive Divorce” by Archibald Hart. This book will help guide you on ways to help your child cope with psychological damage that comes when parents’

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