Sula Marriage Theme

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In the Sula novel by Toni Morrison many great themes has been discussed, that most of them were related to feminism and women 's rights. Marriage is one of the obvious themes that were discussed in the novel. In this novel, marriage has been discussed in different sides. Also, Marriage is shown as a process that is lacking of happiness and interest. Two marriage processes which were Eva with Boy Boy and Nel with Jude Greene have been shown in this novel, but the divorce was the sad ending of the both marriages. This divorce has negative effects on the wife, and it is also shown as an injustice to women. In the first cases, the women are shown as the victim of men 's actions. In another case in the story, the effect of unsuccessful marriage …show more content…

If these situations in Medallion compared into the Kurdish society, it has found similarities between marriage situations in both societies. The obvious theme that combines between these situations in Kurdish society is the increasing of divorce, decreasing the rate of new marriages. In the Sula novel, marriage has been shown in three situations, divorce of marriage by leaving the wife, the divorce of marriage because of cheating with wife’s best friend, and refusing marriage for receiving independence and freedom in life.
In some marriage cases, men don’t need to get responsibility of taking care of their wives and families. They present most of their time with other women, and they don’t pay money for supporting their families. Having a continuous daily life on this routine leads woman feel that she is a slave under the man’s control. Similar case of marriages in Sula is the marriage between Eva and BoyBoy, which had taken five years. These five years were full of hopeless and sad for Eva, who had three children and her husband was most of the time outside of the house and present most of his time with other women. BoyBoy was taking care only of himself, and "preoccupied with …show more content…

In Conclusion, marriage is a great process which can build great relationship that is full of happiness and love. Because of men’s thinking control over women, marriage processes cannot be successful all the time. Most of the time, men’s actions lead to the divorce. After the divorce, the people who are blamed are women. Most of the time, men are shown that they are innocent, and women are the guilty people. In the first two cases, men were the guilty and the reason of divorce, but the victims were their wives Nel and Eva, but no one blamed the men for their bad actions. In the case of Nel, even though, she was the innocent one, no one wanted to marry here because she was mother of three children. Sula refused to be as a prisoner under a man control and taking responsibility of taking care of a family and children. Kurdish society, also have cases of divorce between spouses and refusing the marriage process by the women. Similar to Sula’s situations, mostly woman was the victim and blamed person of the

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