Toni Morrison's Sula And Friendship

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Sula and friendship Sula is a novel about vagueness, and it is one of the most effective novels, which is written by Toni Morrison in 1973. The name of the book is Sula because Sula is the main character of the story. The novel reports complicating mysteries of human emotions and relationships between mothers and their children, and between friends. Sula and Hannah altered many people’s opinions about mother and friendship. Sula and Nel were close friends. However, Nel and Sula have different characters, and they have different families. Nel is quiet and humble. On the other hand Sula is casual and rowdy. They were very close to each other, so Nel finds in Sula the childishness and the fun that she does not have, and Sula finds instructions and strength in Nel. It is not obvious to know that every one acts like how their mothers behave. Sula loved boys to be interested in her. The boys bothered by Sula’s calm manner, and leaving them alone. Sula is somehow acting like her mother. Hannah …show more content…

They both are contraries to the world around them. Nel is logical; she gets married and gives whereas Sula does not give attention to the society. People cannot live alone. They need someone to share their enjoyments and troubles with. Usually, it is not people of the same age, character, and personality, but they are who can understand them and understand their issues. Friends are required for encouragement and sharing. At the end of the story of Sula, it has been clarified that Sula needed Nel, and Nel helped her. Mother is the basic building of the child’s life. Children behave like how their mothers do. In Tony Morrison’s novel of Sula we can analysis different kinds of mother. For example, Sula’s mother, who used to sleep with other men and did not pay attention to her daughter Sula. Sula she had an Oedipus condition because she did not like to have children and be a

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