Why Did Antigone Deserve To Die Creon

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Antigone was sentence to death by King Creon for burying her brother after King Creon made a law to where you couldn’t bury him. Antigone did not deserve to die. She was the King Creon’s niece. They are family, Creon probably watch Antigone grow up as a kid and now he wants to kill her. People think she did deserved to die because she went against her family, well so did Creon. Here’s the second reason she didn’t deserve to die, Polynices was part of the family. Even Though Antigone did go against her uncle, her uncle is also going against Antigone and the rest of the family. Antigone’s sister even thought it was right for Polynices to be buried in the walls. He is still human. Plus he didn’t kill anyone. If his brother didn’t want to have

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