Why Did Britain Establish Colonies In America Essay

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During the colonial era of America, Great Britain was able to reek the benefits of this royal colony’s success. This was in large part due to the fact that Britain was able to integrate this society into its imperial system. English leaders understood that the American colonies represented a marketplace for goods, a safety valve, and a place in which competition flourished with other leading empires. One of the most important reasons why Great Britain established colonies in America was to create another form of revenue. This can be seen through the gradual engagement between Great Britain and America. For example, in Britain a consumer revolution happened. America was able to bask in the glory and financial successes of the motherland and become a more intricate part of Britain’s economy. This increased the mainland colonies as well with their production of agricultural goods. Another reason why Great Britain established colonies in America was to create a safe haven for financial resources. Great Britain came into a lot of debt as a result of the Seven Years War. In order to service this debt, they began to tax the colonists in an effort to carry this financial burden. The English leaders understood that if they were going …show more content…

Because of Columbus sailing to the Carribeans, a New World was discovered with unclaimed land. The British saw this unique opportunity presented in front of them and started to send their citizens. Most of the citizens were undesirables because Britain was having a problem with overpopulation. With Britain becoming a dominant presence in America, other nations started to see the lucrative possibilities and started to send their citizens there as well. However Great Britain was able to reign supreme simply because they were able to get there

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