Why Did Phillip 2. What Type Of New Bow Did The Greeks Create?

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The Spartans 1. Who was the leader of the Macedonians when they became powerful? Phillip II 2. What was the phalanx? Phillip’s military strategy which was the combination of cavalry and infantry. 3. What type of new bow did the Greeks create? Because the traditional bow was limited by the individual’s arm strength, the Greeks create the new bow that harnessed more power from the whole human body instead of relying the arm. The new bow was a crossbow that has the bigger U-shaped in the end. The solider could use both of his hands to draw back the bow and press it with the torso to create a much greater force of tension then just use his arm. 4. What does catapult mean? 5. Why did Phillip not use a scorched earth policy with the Greek city states? Phillip did not use a scorched earth …show more content…

Who killed Phillip II? Who took his place in power? The bodyguard killed Phillip II. 7. What coastal city did the Greeks capture of the Persian Empire? Tyre 8. Where did the Greeks go to next and why? The next step is Egypt. The reason he chooses Egypt not only because he revered the Egypt culture, but also Egypt was the breadbasket of the Mediterranean and could feed his empire. 9. How did Alexander rule his empire? Alexander was very brilliant in the battlefield. Since conquering the Egyptian required no bloodshed, Alexander entered Egypt as a liberator. Egyptians welcome Alexander and crowned him Pharaoh. The Greek cities become the central and spread Greek language, culture, and learning. Moreover, Alexander used some strategies to rule the conquered nations, such as accommodations and assimilation. 10. How did the Greeks design cities? According to the video, “Alexander’s engineer laid out a grid plan that the Greek has used since the fifth century BC”. 11. What made Pergamon a standard for other Greek cities? Pergamon had all of the elements that of a Greek city, such as temples, theater, and agora. 12. Why was the theater so important? 13. What were the acoustics

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