Why Did Rome Fall

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Rome was a very powerful empire, but eventually fell because of one thing, weak political leadership. Weak political leadership was the main reason why Rome fell and it was more of a chain because when there is bad leadership then there is bad military and more invaders. The invasions got more effective and hurt the empire a lot more than it should have at that time. First of all Rome went from a republic to a empire with all the power and rights from the people slowly slipping away to the all powerful emperors at the end. Emperors did not want to share any power with the people which was very bad because they only paid attention to power, for example how Julius Caesar get kill/assassinated on March 15, 44 BCE in Rome, Italy. This led to a lot of things going wrong including less attention to their military, health and weight for the people, and how safe …show more content…

Since their soldiers got lazy then the armer got to heavy for them to move quickly. So the soldiers did not wear the chest plates and helmets. They also got rid of their drills for wars or battle and all this ended up with the soldiers being more vulnerable to attack, especially by archers, and less prepared for battles because they did not practice drills for different situations. Soldiers knew that they were vulnerable to attacks to they retreated and ran away a lot in battles. Since the military got lazy the soldiers did a bad job at protecting the the empire. For example document A shows emperors from 235-28 CE and most of the emperors were killed or died because of an assassination or possible assassination. Thirteen out of the 22 emperors who died were assassinated in fifty years!!! Document B may explain the reason for so many assassination because of how lazy the soldiers were. This is evidence because lazy soldier may not check people for stuff that they may assassinate a emperor

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