Why Did The South Killed Reconstruction Essay

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The South killed Reconstruction due to the KKK, which was very terrifying and racist.which people couldn't take any more, and Lawlessness and Fear, which led to craziness. There were things that occurred after the Civil War. The first Easter egg hunt on the White House lawn was an event that happened after the Civil War. Another interesting fact was that the first college football game between Princeton and Rutgers happened, also the last federal troops leave the South. The South killed Reconstruction because of the KKK, Racism, and Lawlessness and Fear. The Reconstruction was an event that was very important. It was an effort to reconnect and reconstruct the eleven states who left the Union. The Reconstruction occurred in the southern states. This event occurred in 1876 when a lot things happened that were very important in American History. The Northern States and the Southern States were involved in the Reconstruction and the destruction of the Reconstruction. The Reconstruction was a very important event in American history. It was a very important event in American History. …show more content…

“Some are first-class men in our town.”(Testimony to a joint House and Senate Committee 513) They were killing people from the North and the North did not like that. The KKK did not like the North running the government, they were very angry at the North. They were making the North angry which could have started the war, so the South killed Reconstruction. The KKK also attacked Abram Colby and people were doing anything about it so they just kept doing what they were doing. They also were not happy about the Carpet Bag

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