Why Do Everyone Go To College

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I believe that everyone should go to college unless they plan on learning everything without college and because of the extra pay. Let’s just be honest, everyone wants to make a little extra money or even a lucrative amount. Some people can survive without a college degree or even less than a high school diploma. You make more than someone with a high school diploma or less; your options for career and jobs are broadened amazingly. With a degree, you can build your own business and establish a career. Which can lead to an increase of income which you can use for personal reasons. The downside to college is the debt that you have to take on student loans after college. Leaving you in thousands of dollars in debt and if you don't pay your loans …show more content…

However, many prominent jobs require at least an associate’s degree. Nevertheless, if you are able to move up in the company, some jobs will still be out be unavailable without a degree. Depending on this, you may be obligated to obtain a degree even if your experience far exceeds employers coming in with a degree. In addition to specific jobs within a field requiring a degree to move forward, many precise careers also require a specialized degree. There are exceptional jobs that you will not need a degree for, however certain positions (like most teaching jobs, nursing jobs, etc.) will require proper training. You hopefully determine whether or not your predetermined career is the right choice, but you also will learn how to network with other people. When you get out into the work world, you will need to be able to work with many different characters, and college is a great opportunity to warm up. College also is a good launch into being an adult. You will be in control of attending class and passing your classes, keeping track of commitments, and so on. Many aspects of college convert into important life skills that will help you after

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