Why Do Kids Join Gangs?

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When it comes to the word gang, most people affiliate this term to something negative and violent. What people tend to forget is that a gang is a group of people that share the same interest, which means that gangs can be a club or sport team. Since the word went through pejoration, the downgrading or depreciation of a word 's meaning, as when a word with a positive sense develops a negative one. It now depicts an organized group of criminals for example street gangs, they are usually accommodated with youths. Why do these young people associate their selves with such negative surrounding? Youth’s join gangs due to financial reasons, family involvement, peer pressure and power.
First and foremost, some teenagers join gangs because their parents are struggling to pay the bills to keep them and their siblings alive. They see their parent’s struggles are their responsibility. Most of them join this gang to earn fast money, instead of searching for a real job. In these affiliations, they will participate in drug deals
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If the parents are the head of a huge gang, they will expect their children to follow in their footsteps. And if the parent lives the life of a gang member for too long then they began to see nothing wrong with their action. Since, they grew up in the family business, they will teach the offspring’s their corrupted moral and ethical values. Since the parent Unlike us, they do not have a positive role model in their lives to guide them in the right direction. They will continue to teach the younger generation that comes after them. Most of the time these kids will never realize that what they are doing is wrong. They will never get to live a normal life since they were never born into a normal family. Consequently, most of them will either be killed or jailed at a very young age. They won’t get the proper education they need which will result to them living a life of
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