Why Do Women Deserve To Receive Equal Pay

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According to the United States Department of Labor, 57% of women get up and go to work in the morning just like men; the difference is they don’t get paid the same. Women have fought for the right to get an equal education, equal rights such as voting, and now women need to fight to get equal pay. Although some choose to believe that gender is no longer a problem in the work place, it is seen as early as high school; on the contrary, this belief is entirely wrong. Women deserve to receive equal pay for equal works because it would financially advance our society, help with the productivity of families and generations to come, and take less of a burden off of men. There are many important people who contribute to passing laws that restrict women inequality; however, Lilly Ledbetter is probably the most important. Lilly Ledbetter was an …show more content…

As stated before women have to work 10 times harder than boys / men when it comes to education, because a high school degree of a man is equivalent to a college of a woman. Therefore, boys tend to be put on the backburner. Joel Wendland stated “The basics of the story are that in the education teachers have become so conscious of catering to the needs of girls and young women that boys are being left behind. Boys are being punished for “boyish” behavior.” This is only because at this point girls need the extra help and information because in reality a male can graduate high school and can create a successful lifestyle. Whereas, women/girls must continue after graduating from high school, because most likely they will not only have to provide for themselves, but also their families. Consequently, Joel Wendland says the outcome of this predicament is “the outcome is that boys have a negative educational experience.” So, even though boys struggle to get the attention needed in high school, in some cases a high school diploma can get them further than a

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