Why Does Ralph Elect A Chief In Lord Of The Flies

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The book “Lord of the Flies”, by William Golding, consists of a group of British boys

crashing onto an island and becoming stranded there. The boys are desperate to be rescued and

decide it is best to elect a chief to guide them. Ralph is appointed chief, because his attitude

remained calm about what was occurring. Ralph’s leadership skills are more democratic than

anything else. The boys quickly begin to lose any sense of civilization and start acting like

savages. Jack understands how the boys feel about the chaos that is unraveling around them, but

he is appointed as hunter. Jack is that he is not appointed chief, but quickly develops a passion

for hunting. This says that Jacks character is dynamic and flexible. These make …show more content…

Jack is well aware of the situation the boys have all been thrown into. By this I mean, that

Jack actually showing his reaction proves that he is more personable and can easily relate to the

boys feeling’s. The boys elect Ralph as chief because he barely reacts to them becoming stranded

on an island and at the time this is thought of as a wise decision. Jack, on the other hand, is aware

of what is occurring, which leads him to prioritize about hunting for food and having a fire to

survive. Without asking, Jack takes the glasses off of Piggy’s face to use them to build a fire.

This is an example of Jack practicing transactional leadership because he has the group’s best

interest in mind. I believe that in this situation, an effective leader would do just as Jack did and

take away something, such as glasses, for the benefit of the entire group, such as starting a fire

that is vital for survival. Ralph might not have reacted or even thought about the use of the

glasses because his mind is set on keeping everyone comfortable. When Ralph does not react

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