Why Huck Finn Should Not Be Banned Research Paper

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eople say the book Huckleberry Finn is racist and makes fun of religion, but it is a classic that teaches children about so many things like southern beliefs, morals, and truth about slavery. During the 1800’s slavery was a huge part of the south. Huck is just a regular southern boy who chose to help a slave run away to be free. This journey ended up taking the Huck and Jim deeper into the south than they intended, Huck had to make many difficult decisions along the way. Mark Twain’s book Adventures of Huckleberry Finn should not be banned from the school curriculum. Huckleberry Finn should not be banned from the curriculum because it teaches children about morals. Huck had just played a mean trick on Jim saying that he has been in the …show more content…

Tom had been shot in the leg and the doctor had gone to go fix him up but Tom’s injury was so bad that the doctor needed help, so Jim came out to help him and the doctor knew from that moment that he was a runaway slave. The doctor had brought Jim and Tom back to aunt Sally’s and Huck knew that Jim was no longer free.” they cussed Jim considerable, though, and give him a cuff or two side the head once in a while”(Twain,283). If a slave runs away they get treated like dirt, people will cuss at them and even hit them without a care. Southerners would do this just to keep the other slaves in check and help them realize if they are planning on running away that they will get a severe beating. When Jim was sitting on the raft he was feeling homesick he had never been too far away from his family. Jim was explaining what he would do once he was free.” when he got enough he would buy his wife… they would both work to buy the two children”(Twain,94). Jim hasn’t seen his family in such a long time and it shows how it affects him, he is just so excited about being free the first thing he will do is get a job and save up to get his own family out of slavery. During slavery, families would get separated and there is nothing no one can do to change that unless the buyer wants to buy the whole family which is rare. The worst part about slavery is if a family gets split they …show more content…

Jim had been caught and brought back to the Phelps, So they sent him back to the shed until his owner either comes and gets him or they put him up for auction." chained his hands, too, and both legs, and said he warn’t to have nothing but bread and water to eat”(Twain,283). If a runaway slave got caught but someone else owned them then they would get chained up and limited to food. If the owner caught their runaway slave they would probably get a harsher punishment like no food or a good whooping. Huck and Jim would only run the boat at night to avoid getting caught.” we ran nights, and laid up and hid daytimes”(Twain,121). Since Jim is a runaway slave he would get noticed during the daytime because of his skin. By sailing at night Huck and Jim wouldn’t get stopped and questioned because Jim blends in with the night. Another plus for sailing at night is usually no one is looking for a runaway slave at night because they would be sleeping. Two slave hunters had spotted a raft and when they asked Huck if the man aboard was white or black, Huck lied to them saying it was his sick pap. “ There’s five niggers run off tonight up yonder”(Twain, 95). Being a runaway slave is hard because there is always a problem needed to be solved, like how Huck had covered for Jim by saying he was his sick pap. If Huck hadn’t thought quick on his

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