Why I Like The Book 'The Great Fire'

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I have recently read the book "The Great Fire". it is a book about how the great fire started and the stories of how people were affected by it. it was started when a man saw smoke and fire from a barn. he ran to it to save the animals in it. these fires continued due to the drought, which meant days without rain which caused the land to be hot and dry. they had houses and buildings made out of wood so when a fire would start, it would spread. This caused the great fire. the first reason why i liked this book is because it teaches people on how the great fire happened and how to prevent it. the second reason why i liked this book is because it is entertaining but, sad in many ways. the final reason why i liked this book is because it teached me something i didn 't know and it adds to my knowlege. This is why i liked this book.…show more content…
through out the book the author writes from how the book starts to how it ends. the fire starts when the fire starts in the barn. I can prove this because on pg. 14 the author writes,"it was while pushing himself up that Sullivan first saw the fire - a single tongue of flame shooting out the side of the O 'Learys ' barn". This is when the fire starts. it keeps continuing two when fire fighters couldn 't stop the fire and starts spreading causeing this fire. if they hadn 't built the buildings with wood the fire would not have spread. this teaches people not to make the wrong

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