Why Is Captain Kidd Bad

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Legend says that Captain William Kidd was one of the most ruthless pirates of his time. Even today, people tell tales of this man and search for his buried treasure. However, William Kidd was not a pirate, nor particularly ruthless, but simply a privateer sailing for the British crown. Privateering could be considered a lawful form of piracy; privateers were given permission from the crown to seize enemy ships, whereas pirates pillaged illegally and as they pleased. Captain Kidd was a respectable mariner commissioned by the King to hunt pirates in the Indian Ocean, however, his investors got angry when he did not show any profits. Also, due to disputes among merchant ships and the accidental killing of one of his crew members, Captain Kidd’s reputation was severely damaged. Though Captain William Kidd was executed for piracy, he acted within his …show more content…

Before Kidd took the job of privateering in the Indian Ocean he was known as a reputable man from a well-known New York family, and was respected for his “honesty and courage” (Morgan 14). Kidd desired an appointment from the King’s navy, but unfortunately unable to receive one; however, he did meet some politicians willing to outfit him with an armed ship to repress pirates in the Indian Ocean. Several investors backed his journey, expecting to receive a large profit when he divvied up his spoils amongst them. Even King William III took a 10% share in exchange for his signature (Zacks 5). However, hunting pirates was a more difficult task than expected, considering the fact that only five European pirates active at the time. His lack of success, coupled with damaging rumors from his mutinous crew, spelled Kidd’s ruin. Many of Kidd’s troubles came from the fact that his investors and crew were angry that he had largely failed to make them any money, not because he was a

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