Why Is Disobedience Important In The African-American Revolution

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To disobey someone is to disregard them and refuse their authority, and this in generally seen as a bad thing. People are told to listen and obey to the higher ups to avoid punishment. But, throughout history disobedience has brought about much needed change. Disobedience is often necessary to promote change and we can see this throughout America's history. From the American revolution in 1775 to the slave rebellions in the 19th century to the civil rights movement in 1954. Authorities are often corrupt and rebellion is required for progress. The American Revolution in 1775 was in response to a number of grievances made by their mother country, Britain. After the Seven Years war, some of which was fought on American soil, the British thought it would only be right to make the colonist pay for this war, even though they aren’t the ones that wanted or antagonized this war. Nonetheless the British taxed them heavily and put forth a number of acts, including the quartering act. This was the lost straw for most Americans, and a rebellion began. They fought the tyranny and fought for independence through …show more content…

There were two main leaders of this rebellion of sorts, Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X. These two men had different methods of disobedience, but all sorts of disobedience yearned for the same goal: to establish equal rights for African- Americans. Martin Luther King Jr. used a method of civil disobedience where they would peacefully protest without violence. Sit-ins, marches and other forms of civil disobedience along with many other factors led eventually to the desegregation of America. Without this disobedience, America may still be segregated today and African- Americans wouldn’t have equal rights. In cases like this, disobedience in necessary to move forward and progress in American

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