Why Is Edgar Allan Poe Bad

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Edgar Allan Poe: For Better Or Worse All great writers write about what they know and experience. It may be on purpose or subconscious but it can be seen in there writing with such things as places, people, and ideals. With the great Edgar Allan Poe it is clear that he continually wrote about his life and experiences. Edgar Allan Poes’ issues with alcoholism, the loss of loved ones, and issues with himself can be seen in his characters and themes throughout his writing. Poe had his issues with alcoholism. It ran in the family and he tried to not really let it affect him. He was easily pushed into drinking, and got drunk very easily having a low tolerance. (hutchisson #?). He has many stories with alcohol but he makes it clear in “Hop Frog” …show more content…

Poe had much respect and love for the women in his life. It is clear that he wrote while thinking of them, because you can see resemblances of them in his story’s. Poe cared deeply about both of them. He lost his mother around the age of 3 years old but still remembered her and cherished her as well but Jane was the first of women that he remembered well. Virginia his wife was also a huge part of his life always being with him even through the worst times. You can see a direct correlation between these women and his …show more content…

Which Poe not only marries his cousin but the age gap is also something that people had issue with. It also talks about Berenice getting very ill and health getting worse ending with the husband saying “Seized with an epileptic fit she had fallen dead in the early morning”. The death of Virginia was painful and she too was very ill. Just like Ligeia, Berenice also ends up not being dead. It is said when Egaeus says “yet still breathing, still palpitating, still alive!” and Poe wished Virginia and Eliza’s death could have been avoided but at that time he knew it was inevitable and couldn’t be stopped. Poe’s stories of beautiful women continue to have the same appearances and demeanor as the ones he loved the most. It is clear that with these stories do represent the women in his life and many times he didn’t hide it. The last thing that is easily seen in his righting that represented his life is issues with himself. Poe himself was very depressed and seeing the stories you can see the many aspects of Poe himself. In the cask of amontillado Montressor says “the thousand injuries of Fortunato I had borne as I best could” represents his frustration of the many enemies he had that he wanted to avenge. Poe was big on revenge and he got it many times with his writing not being a man to fight

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