Why Is It Important To Break A Piñata?

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One of the most fun filled traditions is that of the breaking of a piñata. A piñata is a decorated container of paper or clay that contains treats such as candies, small toys, fruits, and nuts. The piñata is the focus of a game played at children's birthday parties and at Christmas celebrations. Blindfolded, children take turns trying to break the piñata with a stick to release its contents. This tradition is very popular in Central America and other Latin American countries, including Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Puerto Rico, and Venezuela. This tradition has also spread to the United States.

It is said that Missionaries brought the custom of the piñata to New Spain. In order to honor the Aztec god of war, a decorated, filled pot was broken in the temple at the feet of the god's statue. Catholic missionaries used the piñata custom to teach Christian religion. The Mexican Catholic Church’s interpretation of the piñata rested on the struggle of man against temptation. The traditional Mexican shape for piñatas is a spherical shape with seven conical points. These seven points symbolize the seven deadly sins, which are greed, gluttony, sloth, pride, envy, wrath, and lust. The contents of the piñata represented the pleasures of life. The person wielding the stick of virtue was said to represent faith, which could defeat evil, and the treats represented the hope of reward. …show more content…

Cardboard and paper maches have taken the place of the decidedly more dangerous clay of centuries past. Today, piñatas come in the shape of animals, cars, and cartoon characters. Making piñatas for children's parties is a major industry, especially since the custom continues to spread around the

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