Why Is J. F Kennedy Unjust

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The shot that could be heard around the world. November 22, 1963 at 12:30 Lee Harvey Oswald fired a shot that changed the course of history. Jfk was in a motorcade in Dallas,Texas where he was shot and killed while sitting in a open top convertible. Till this day there are still many conspiracies about the reasons behind his death. Jfk was often called an American war hero and that he created many alliances with different countries. Some may say that Kennedy was the direct cause of the Cuban Missile Crisis. The assassination of J.F.Kennedy was unjust because he was an American war hero and he also helped make alliances with other countries;However some people may believe that Kennedy caused the Cuban Missile crisis.

Kennedy was wrongfully killed because people looked up to him as an American Hero. People tended to go to Kennedy for fixing any national crisis or problem. For instance, the author explains “The essay begins with an examination of how, even before reaching the White House, Kennedy was able to develop a multi-faceted image as a man of letters (with the publication of Why England Slept and Profiles in Courage), military hero (through his service in the Navy during the Second World War), precocious politician, …show more content…

However Kennedy did not directly cause the Crisis. According to the article the author writes “ Kennedy has received praise for the prudence he displayed in opting for the quarantine instead of the strike. The Kennedy Tapes provides additional evidence of JFK's moderation during the first week, especially in terms of the thought he gave to how the crisis would play out once the blockade was announced. He acknowledged that the United States might need to use force.”(White 1). This shows that JFK did not provoke the Crisis to start initially. It only shows that Kennedy did not return the favor in violence, but at the same time he didn't exclude it from the option

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