Why Is Jay Gatsby Bad

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The story The Great Gatsby tells about the life of people from different social statuses during the 1920s. Jay Gatsby, the main character, is a very mysterious man. He is lives in West Egg, New York, and he is an extremely wealthy man. Gatsby is such a mysterious man because people don't really know how he acquired all of his riches. He did not come from a wealthy family, but he always had great dreams and expectations that he'd be rich someday. Jay Gatsby is the product of degrading morals of the 1920s because his spectacular American Dream became corrupted due to a lack of reality.
Jay Gatsby, as a young boy, started to fabricate his own American Dream. He had a schedule that outlined his day, and followed it religiously each day. He expected, …show more content…

His residence is, incidentally, located directly across the Long Island Sound from Daisy's house. At this point, Gatsby's American Dream would have played out nicely how he had hoped; although, the fact that he was not with Daisy corrupted it. Everything in his life was a fantasy because he had to imagine a life with her, as opposed to living with and being with her. He had a spectacular mansion that was the replica of the Hotel de Ville in Normandy, a very unique Rolls Royce, and he threw incredibly large, crazy, elegant parties; Gatsby did all of this for Daisy. At one point he says to Nick, "Can't repeat the past? Why of course you can!" (110). This is a perfect example that shows the lacking reality in Gatsby's life; his American Dream was corrupted by his illegal endeavors that led him to be rich, which was all an act to please Daisy. Gatsby could be seen, at times, reaching out towards a green light that was across the bay which was at the end of Daisy's dock. For Gatsby, this green light represents Daisy and their future together. Once he had his meeting with Daisy, the significance of it dissipated; he no longer had meaning because they were "together"

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