The Great Gatsby Movie Vs Movie Analysis

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The Great Gatsby is a book written by F. Scott Fitzgerald. The story follows Nick, the protagonist, as he moves to New York City and starts his new life there. Throughout the book, the reader meets an abundance of horrible characters like Daisy, a self-absorbed and careless beauty, Tom, a brutal and unmoral man, and Gatsby, an ignorant and mysterious fool who wasted his life chasing a hopeless dream. Baz Luhrmann and Woody Allen are just two people of many who have recreated The Great Gatsby or dedicated a homage to it, both proving effective representations of the film. A director named Baz Luhrmann turned The Great Gatsby into a film. By casting the right actors to portray the characters, Luhrmann effectively recreated the book on screen. The movie opens differently than the book, with Nick in the office of a therapist. Although this differs from the book, it puts a twist on the movie. After the events Nick went through, it is understandable that he needs to talk about everything that happened. Based off the book, the movie is extremely similar. However, the flaws exist. Some of the scenes became over the top and extravagant. The scene at Myrtle and Tom’s apartment seemed slightly overdone. The book never said that the party became wild and out of control, just that Nick and the others drank to the point of intoxication. The modern music mixed into the movie stands out. The movie, like the book, is set in the 1920’s era. Nevertheless, the audience listens to Jay-Z, Lana

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