Why Is Jazz So Popular In The 1920's

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Jazz was a big part of the 1920’s and still is today. The jazz music relates to today because it helps us to relax when people are stressed. Music also helps people release their emotions whether it be a good day or even a bad day. In the 1920’s jazz was very popular and people would go to parties and dance to the jazz music and have a good time. The two artists that were popular in the 1920’s were King Oliver and Louis Armstrong. The reason why these two artists were popular in the 1920’s was because they were the first jazz band to create jazz music in the 1920’s. Jazz music helps us to understand the artists and how jazz music affected their lives. So as you can see, jazz music relates to today because it is still listened to all over the world and helps the …show more content…

The first artist that was an important figure of the 1920’s was King Oliver because he created the first piece of jazz music and it was called the “Dippermouth Blues” and he was a leader of the band that created this popular song. King Oliver was also known for being the best jazz musician of the 1920’s and the song the “Dippermouth Blues” according to the article “Music Played in the 1920’s Popular Music from the 20’s,” “it was the first song with a fully developed trumpet solo.” Jazz affected his life because he was offered another position in New York City but realized that he was disappointed with the starting pay and turned down the job. The reason he left jazz music was because of his failing health and he was not able to come back to the world of jazz music. According to the article “The Jazz Age,” “Joe

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