John Dillinger In The 1930's

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Can you imagine spending half of your life in and out a jail? Or breaking out of jail with a wooden gun? Well, during the 1930’s that's what John Dillinger did. During the 1930’s there was a horrible Dust Bowl and the Great Depression. John Dillinger was a quite the rebel as a kid and adult; something to show this, is information about his early life, adult life, crime, gang and death.
Before John Dillinger became famous for all of his crimes, it's important to know about his early life. John Dillinger had a very normal childhood. John Dillinger was born June 22, 1903 in Indianapolis Illions. John Dillinger was the youngest of two kids. John Dillinger was named after his father John. At a young age John Dillinger's mother died. As a child, John Dillinger went by, Johnnie. John Dillinger had a gang called “The Dirty Dozen”. As a gang, they would play small pranks on people and get into trouble ( Editors). “As a boy, John Dillinger was constantly getting into …show more content…

John Dillinger married Beryl Hovious in April 1924. With no place to live John Dillinger and his new wife Beryl Hovious moved in with her parents. John Dillinger decided he wanted to join the US Navy but, in training he realized being in the US Navy was not for him and dropped out. Later John Dillinger played baseball and once again quit ( Editors). With no job, money or anything John Dillinger got bored so he turned to crime. As John’s wife Beryl didn’t like the fact her husband committed crimes so she divorced him in 1929 (“John Dillinger Facts.”). Now, with no wife John Dillinger set out to find a new girlfriend, shortly after he finds Polly Hamilton (Andrews, Evan). “ He graduated to bank robbery a few weeks later, kicking off the year long crime spree that would make him the nation’s most wanted gangster” (Andrews, Evan). Clearly, John Dillinger’s adult life was mixed up, and things only got

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