Why Is John Proctor Wrong In The Crucible

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In the Crucible, there are a lot of people who did wrong things. Let’s take John Proctor, John Proctor did a wrong doing thing and then asked for a Forgiveness. John Proctor has a two kids who help him everyday on the farm and a wife, but John Proctor got into an affair with a girl name Abigail William and she wants to marry with John Proctor, however it lacks the capacity to forgive Himself. John Proctor has Succumb Sin and he commitss the adultery and asked for forgiveness. In the end of the Act four Mrs. proctor accused by Abigail to be a witchcraft and she got put in the jail. While in the jail, she thinks about the John and wants to forgive the John Proctor for the affair with the Abigail. John Proctor Succumb sin and he commits the

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