Who Is John Proctor Truthful In The Crucible

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In the play The Crucible by Arthur Miller, witchcraft is the only explanation for the odd behaviors of the people in Salem, Massachusetts. Because teenage girls were accusing random citizens of witchcraft, the people were brought to trial and hanged. The girls were responsible for the death of nineteen innocent people. Although it seemed like the young girls were unstoppable, there were some noble people who stepped up and tried to put an end to the witch trials.

John Proctor, a highly respected farmer in Salem, made a terrible mistake that ruined his life. While his wife was sick, he had an affair with Abigail Williams who was half his age. Later, Abigail even told him that the witchcraft accusations were false. When John ended the relationship, Abigail was livid and wanted to get revenge. She accused John’s wife, Elizabeth Proctor, of witchcraft and she was taken to jail. Now, John had to undergo a huge test of courage. He admitted to lechery to save his wife even though it would damage his reputation.

John Proctor’s attempt to expose Abigail failed. Abigail always had the support of her friends, including Mary Warren. After Elizabeth Proctor was accused, Mary felt guilty and admitted that the girls were lying the whole time. She went to court …show more content…

When the witch accusations were first made, Reverend Hale was summoned to Salem to give his expert advice. He was considered a specialist in demonology. When he arrived, he started to interview the accused people. He tried to convince the judges of Salem that everything was a lie and that witchcraft did not exist. When they refused to listen, Reverend Hale left the court. It took a lot of bravery to go against the court when he knew it would destroy his reputation. No one would take him seriously again. He put his pride aside and acknowledged that he was

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