Why Is Joshua Williams Important

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Cullen Burns
Mrs. Fenske
May 15, 2023
Joshua Williams and The Importance of Teens Fighting For Social Change Poverty is a problem that affects many people around the world however many people including teenagers have been trying to fight against poverty. Teens can be successful agents of change which is essential because it means they can create change. Others have inspired many teens to create change and then go on to inspire other people to create change. One of these teens is Joshua Williams who went on to found the Joshua Heart Foundation. Poverty is a major problem so many people try to reduce the number of people in poverty and teens have also helped which shows that they can also create change. Teens' ability to create change is …show more content…

Joshua Williams decided when he was four years old he wanted to help people who couldn’t afford food for themselves. This quote from the Christian Science Monitor explains how Joshua realized that he wanted to help others in need“His grandmother gave him $20 to spend however he liked. While riding in the car on his way to church, Joshua spotted a homeless man and knew he needed to give him the money. Joshua’s mother suggested that they buy the man a meal instead, but Joshua insisted on giving him the money. Soon after, Joshua saw a Feed The Children commercial on TV and realized that his purpose in life was to help those suffering from hunger.”. This quote shows Joshua’s selflessness at a young age and is strengthened by the fact that Joshua Williams continues to help people to this day. Joshua Williams is a kind-hearted person who saw others who were struggling and wanted to help them, but how did he actually accomplish this? Joshua made his dream come true by founding the Joshua Heart Foundation of which he has received many awards. Joshua’s heart foundation was founded in 2005 in Miami according to Joshuaheart.org. Their goal is to reduce the number of people who can’t afford basic needs. They do this by getting people to volunteer and donate to people in need and they also donate to education programs so that more people have better education which will get them better jobs. The Joshua Heart Foundation helps people by donating food, toys, clothing, and other basic needs to help them

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