Why Is Leonardo Da Vinci Important

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If talking about an artist whose art painting that is famous all over the world, this person probably is one of them.
Leonardo da Vinci is the person I admired in the art and the ideals that have words that can inspire. This probably is one of the reasons I chose him to become an artist in gratitude. The whole sentence is that he speaks up, which is a word that I like very much. He said, "Patience and endurance obstacles and disdain as the winter coat to us. The weather, cool, how much we have to wear clothes to protect yourself is even up only” Lao birth April 15 by Leonardo when he was from the village of Vinci, In Italy.
Leonardo da Vinci is an important person in the world in the term Renaissance …show more content…

He Known as a genius of the term Renaissance.
To begin with ,The Last Supper It is image comes from the last supper of Christ before his crucifixion, he was introduced to the information that comes from the Bible I have known from the famous movie is about The Da Vinci Code This painting is also a key theme of the story of the world-famous novel. The Da Vinci Code Whose contents indicate that Leonardo da Vinci was the secret hidden in the image represents a female acquaintance who was a disciple relationship with Jesus. This content has been strongly opposed by the Catholic Church. Picture of the Last Supper A lecture that the reaction of the apostles. At the time, the most important one. When Jesus had predicted. One of those at the table eating, to betray him

For me, it is very unique for this image. It's interesting to be the core of the film and the image make Da vinci have a famous person.
Leonardo da Vinci’s Tank was designed while he was under the patronage of Ludovico Sforza in

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