Why Is Oedipus Blind

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Sight is something one can lose, both physically and mentally. When one is blind bad things can happen. “Blind, though now he sees - and poor, though now he's rich - he'll use a stick to guide his steps into another land." Oedipus rex is blind from seeing the truth. Oedipus continues to not admit that he is the killer. His lack of sight creates the fact that bad things happen when blind to the truth. Oedipus rex was adopted, and he was blind to that. He did not realize he was adopted. He killed his biological father, not knowing it his father and he will not admit that he killed his father .Oedipus promises not to harm the man that comes forward, or is known to have killed Laios. He is not interested in taking this man's life, only that he no longer live in Thebes, so that the city can get better. He therefore promises only to exile Laios' killer. He will not admit to it because bad things will happen to him. Oedipus has the ability to see but he is blind to the fact that he is guilty. …show more content…

When he figures out he is adopted his life gets messed up. He cursed the murderer of Laius which is himself. The blind prophet, Tiresias is actually blind and Oedipus is not. Tiresias sees more than Oedipus does. Tiresias is physically blind Oedipus is mentally blind. The difference between the two is that Oedipus is blind Tiresias is

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