Why Is Othello A Hero

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The play’s protagonist and hero. Othello is the highly respected general of the armies of Venice, although he is not a native of Venice but rather a Moor, or North African. He is an eloquent and powerful figure, Othello shows to be a fearless soldier and general. and has been in the army for many years. He is used to the work of military life. Making hard decisions fast and precisely is a valiant trait possessed by this noble character who gives his all to any task. His leadership ability is so admired by the Venetian state that he is appointed general of Cyprus when it is under threat of invasion by the Turks – an achievement when one considers that he is Moorish and not Venetian. Othello has also fought in several wars in various parts of the world, and most of the high politicians recognize his abilities including his closest worker, Iago.

Brabantio also admired Othello greatly and this is what prompts him to invite Othello to his home so that he can listen to stories of his adventures in different parts of the world. Desdemona, daughter to senator Brabantio has spurned the advances of eligible young Venetian men, but is captivated by Othello chiefly because of his harsh experiences. We first come
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At the beginning he remains at a distance from much of the action that concerns and affects him. Othello not speaking up on things concerning him shows that he is afraid to speak up for himself and worried about what others think. When Othello comes back from Cyprus he stands apart from Cassio, Iago, and Desdemona’s discussion. Othello not including himself in the discussion shows that he doesn’t feel comfortable around the others because he is so insecure about the differences between them. Othello goes off and secretly marries Desdemona at the beginning of the play. Othello secretly marries Desdemona without telling anyone because he is afraid of the reactions he might get from the
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