Why Is Reputation Important In The Crucible

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Discuss the Importance of one 's name in The Crucible. Your reputation is what precedes you, not just in today’s society but, from the beginning of time, your reputation is very important in all aspects, it is a way people can judge you and know a little bit about you before they even introduce themselves to you. Before you get to know someone, you may have seen them before or heard of them before you meet them, depending on what someone says about them is how you gather information about them, this is where reputation is very significant to your being in society, if you have a good reputation people will know that and it will make your life easier, however if people have heard about you and your bad reputation, there is no way of avoiding the out come, a bad reputation will effect your job, friends, family and ones ‘name’ and you will have that with you for the rest of your life, moreover having a ‘good’ reputation is very important. …show more content…

Your name is something you have with you until you die. Therefor keeping it clean is extremely important in ones society. Throughout the Crucible you experience many signs of how ones name and reputation is very paramount in society, and example of this is explored during the scene of Procter having to sign the confession of dealing with the devil, however he signed it even though he was innocent, however he realised this would tarnish he name, later ripping up the confession and screaming “ my name, I cannot sign!” later exclaimed with “All I have is my name!” Throughout this essay I will explore the importance of ones name, using Procter, Elizabeth and Abigail as examples of staying to true to their name and protecting their

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