Public Issues In The Crucible

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Within The Crucible, many characters discuss public matters in private spaces and private matters in public ones. These occurrences demonstrate society’s natural tendency to exploit the less relevant, private affairs of citizens in order to influence public opinion and remove blame from oneself. Before the play itself begins, Miller emphasizes the common act of “express[ing] publicly ... guilt and sins under the cover of accusation” (7). Whether the guilt is deserved or not, discussing private matters in the form of public knowledge allows one to place the burden of one’s on actions on others around them. Reverend Parris first utilizes this form of accusation as he states that he “discovered” many girls “dancing in the forest” at night (38), using his sight of them as evidence of hooliganry. Though the reason for …show more content…

Hale accuses Proctor of being devious because he attended church “twenty-six time in seventeen month” (64). Hale’s lack of evidence against proctor is remedied by appealing to society’s standards of what merits a positive life, ignoring any outside influences. Because he is able to use Proctor’s private beliefs and actions on public stage, Hale is able to validate his own search as well as the purpose of the court. Like Hale and the court, many characters within The Crucible seek validation of their past and present in order to forgive themselves of past wrongdoings or present mistakes. By revealing private matters in the public eye, one is able to shed regret and potential sorrow, instead utilizing their flaws as initiative to attack other ideas or people. The many varied relationships that characters have with the idea of truth within The Crucible conveys that though speaking the truth is always the correct action, everyone at times fails to do so, lying because of its short termed benefits. The allure of the lie is first manifested within Abigail when interrogated by Parris and Hale. Throughout their exchange, Hale’s

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