Why Is Soccer Important Essay

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Soccer is becoming one of the most popular sports in China. More and more people are playing soccer due to its popularity. There are many soccer leagues in China that are formed so that young people may compete in soccer. Competition is fierce in these leagues and it is difficult to win. There are those who train night and day to win, however, there is more to soccer than individual skill. Winning is a team effort and in order to win, there must be chemistry between teammates, hard work, and determination. The game of soccer is a difficult sport, but with the assistance of teammates, a match can be more easily handled. When one plays soccer, one always needs to choose a good team because a good team can help to easily win a game. If a team has good play-makers then one just needs to defend the opponents. If the team has a good goalkeeper then the rest of the team can go on the offensive. Always remember that when picking a team, it is important to choose a good one. When the right team has been chosen, the next step would be too develop chemistry and cooperation within the team. A good, talented team of players means nothing if the players are not working together. Some players are better than others at a certain skill, so it is essential that the team determines its strengths and weaknesses …show more content…

Always remember the soccer is a team sport, never play for your own glory. First is the Basic dribbling, basic dribbling also included Passing and receiving. Exercise passing accuracy, can play soccer against the wall. This can practice people passing direction, trajectory and intensity. If can make people help, then can practice short pass, long pass, and cross pass. Second, is try to practice the header, because in soccer play, the header also the best offensive and defensive means. If people want play header well, then people have to eliminate the sense of fear, not

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