It's Not Just A Game By Lori Calabrese

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“You have to fight to reach your dream. You have to sacrifice and work hard for it”(Lionel Messi, BrainyQuote.com). Lori Calabrese was a T.V. producer for about 10 years. After a while, she realized that she loved to write books, and began writing professionally in 2009. She obtained an award for best children's book and continued writing from there. In this short story, “It's not just a game” Calabrese explains how sports are competitive and people work not just their body’s but as well as their minds. She also explains that when people play sports together, they use teamwork to win. Therefore in the short story, “It's not just a game” shows that sports bring people together by problem solving, having shared interests, and releasing endorphins. …show more content…

When people engage in sports, they are forced to work together towards a goal, winning! This requires them to collaborate, communicate effectively, solve problems, and make decisions together. Problem solving brings people together because there are,“... opportunities for strangers to cheer and debate outcomes''(Calabrese 397). This shows that problem solving brings people together by communicating with each other about how a team is gonna win in their next match. Throughout this problem solving experience, “You must learn to get along with your teammates and share responsibilities…” (396). This illustrates that when playing sports in a team, there is plenty of communication and problem solving required to win. So not only is a team solving problems together, but they are also making new …show more content…

People release endorphins when they play sports,“When we start moving and having fun we feel good about ourselves” (395). This shows that playing sports uplifts people and makes them happier to communicate with their teammates. Not everyone enjoys playing sports, but even from watching a match there is still endorphins being released, “The joy you and your teammates get by working together is the same joy your family, friends and other spectators feel when they watch”(397). This illustrates that well-being can be shared, making sports an enjoyable and uplifting experience for everyone involved, even the audience! Releasing endorphins brings people together by making everyone feel joyful and uplifted to become closer and hang out

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