Hispanic Team Changes Small Town Attitudes By William L. Holmes

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In the article Hispanic Team Changes Small Town Attitudes, by William L. Holmes, many things stood out to me. First of all, I think the race of the players can matter, especially in this era we’re in. Some races, such as Hispanics, tend to have a bad reputation, in the article it referred to the people in the stands calling them stupid, and mocking Spanish accents, just because they were Hispanic. I think the race can matter a lot, especially if you live in an area, that’s predominately another race. This can cause many problems in a community, if not addressed right away. That brings me into the next question, on as to why the townspeople may feel threatened by the Mexican immigrants flooding into their community. They probably felt this …show more content…

I believe the first way would be the soccer team these kids are on, the War Eagles in Tangerine, seem to mimic this one very much. The first way being that this team in the article, The Jets are champions, just like the War Eagles in Tangerine, and both have an impeccable record, game wise. Another way I feel that both teams connect, is the chemistry, between teammates, the team in the article seemed to get along very well, encouraging and complimenting each other. I feel that the team in Tangerine, also does this. The final thing I noticed, was how both teams were mocked by opposing teams. In the book, the War Eagles are mocked by the opposing team in the stands, but together they get through it , and played a great game. In the article the Jets are mocked because they’re Hispanic. While it’s for two different reasons, I feel that both teams got through this challenge, and used the crudeness to make them even more determined than they were …show more content…

The first one would probably be the fact that the people in North Carolina seemed to hate every Hispanic because they just assumed they were an immigrant, even though in the school mentioned in the article, only one fourth of the kids were Hispanic, not exactly a lot considering, another fourth was Black, and the other half was White. While in California, from what I’ve noticed, Hispanic, Latino, and Mexican are some of the most common races over here in California. Also in the article it states, “ ‘Literally, we didn’t even know what a Hispanic was,” Emerson said. ‘The only Hispanic we ever had contact with were migrant workers who came in during the summer to harvest tobacco plants.’ “ This feels like huge difference from North Carolina to over here, in California. While we most likely do have migrant workers who come over here to farm, many Californians have at least come into contact with someone of Hispanic descent, at least a few times. Overall, it seems that the main differences that I can see from this article, tend to tie to race. While I do feel that race is a problem in many places, including California, it seems that it was amplified in North Carolina, while I am not sure if that’s because of the way the writer decided to put things, or if that’s just the way it is, it seemed very different from

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