Why Is The 13th Amendment Important

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The Thirteenth Amendment was without a doubt a standout amongst the most noteworthy revisions to the United States Constitution. It was the accumulating occasion of our own common strife; it laid the course for the remaking and set into movement different groundbreaking changes to the constitution. The Thirteenth Amendment is the enactment that for the last time made the slave trade unlawful in the Unites States of America. The Thirteenth Amendment prepared the Fourteenth Amendment, which would give all people born or naturalized in the United States citizenship inside both their nation and state. This helped the formation of other amendments such as the Fifteenth Amendment, which gave African American 's the right to vote. Unfortunately, the United States of Representatives did not pass the legislation until January 31, 1865 after president Abraham Lincoln made it his number one priority in his 1864 re-election campaign. …show more content…

The ratification of the Thirteenth Amendment, as one would expect, was greatly questionable when it first came into the constitution. The Thirteenth Amendment was intended to establish a positive guarantee of personal liberty, expressed in the negative form of a proscription of slavery or involuntary servitude. Viewed in historical context and in the tradition of American political thought, the amendment is an affirmation of the idea that liberty, in the most fundamental sense, consists in the right of individuals not to be interfered with in the exercise of their natural human rights. As a guarantee of personal liberty for all citizens in the United States, the amendment established a minimum national standard of

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