Why Is The Ghost Of Christmas Yet To Come

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In A Christmas Carol, written by Charles Dickens, the ghost that influenced Ebenezer Scrooge the most was The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come. In A Christmas Carol, there are three ghosts that visit Scrooge. This all happens on Christmas Eve and By Christmas day, Scrooge is a entire new man. There are many reasons why The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come is the reason we Scrooge how he is now. The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come appears in the book during stave four. He helps show Scrooge what will happen to his and others futures if he doesn’t change himself. On page 102, the ghost takes Scrooge to the Cratchit's house where they have just gotten the news of their son, Tiny Tim’s death, showing Scrooge that by him not letting Bob leave from work early/on Christmas, he was taking away valuable time Bob could’ve had with Tiny Tim. Another thing was when they went to Old Joe’s rag and bottle shop they were selling some of Scrooge’s property showing Scrooge that because he was so rude to people, they didn’t want anything that had to do with him, even his CLOTHES! …show more content…

On page 100, Scrooge visits his room only in the future and in his bed there is someone but Scrooge at this point is to worried and nervous to lift the covers and see who it is. The final major thing that happened that helped “shape” Scrooge was on page 109, where they visited a graveyard, Scrooge saw a specific grave and the ghost urged him to walk closer and read it. As Scrooge slowly crept up on the grave, he soon read Ebenezer Scrooge. He soon realized that the man in the bed was him, the items being sold were his, and Tiny Tim’s death was partly due to his

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