Why Israelites Need To Obey God

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If man were to disobey God, what would be the consequences? Why is it that man has to obey God? Israelites believe that if man obeys God 's commands, the best of fortune will come to those who obey, while for those who do not obey and forget to follow God 's commands, the worst comes to them. Theocracy is shown in the Biblical world, God chooses those whom he believes have the ability to guide those in the world, but those who do not follow Gods commands suffer the consequences. Israelites value obedience and the laws established by god because it defines good character to those who obey, but those who sin, punishment is defined by their acts.
The first siblings Cain and Abel, are assigned to give offerings to God. The Lord favored Abel 's …show more content…

David the king of Israel, is God 's chosen king to lead the people, but David commits an act of disobedience to one of God 's commandments, which lead him to punish. David was a shepherd when Saul was king. He was fascinated by the gory war to the extent of fighting Goliath. Every Israelite saw David as a hero; Saul died and David became king. David, throughout his years of his reign was doing well when God spoke to him, but God stopped speaking to him because of his acts. For example, when his men were fighting in a war, he was on the roof of his palace and saw a beautiful woman bathing below. He calls one of his servants to bring the woman to him. David has committed an adultery because Bathsheba is a married woman, who becomes pregnant with David 's child. David tries to make her husband Uriah, have sex with his wife Bathsheba, but he refuses to, so David had no option. Uriah has to die in order for David to keep his news of adultery from spreading. God sends Nathan the Prophet to deliver David 's punishment. "The Lord has also remitted your offense-you shall not die...[But] since you surely spurned the Lord in this thing, the son born to you is doomed to die" (Samuel 490). God tells David he sees evil in David because he broke one of God 's ten commandments, adultery is forbidden. The son born from Bathsheba dies as he was born. David is devastated by the death of his son. Another example of God punishing David: His son Absalom dies in rebellion against his father. …show more content…

. Israelites value obedience established and the laws established by god because if define good character to those who obey, but those who sin, punishment is defined by their acts. The ancient Israelites explained everything of the pain and suffering the people went through by writing, indicating that the reason they suffer was because of the first sinners who disobeyed God. In order to be pure, Israelites who followed God 's commands to be saved from their sins. Cain is the reason why cities are considered demonic, because he kills his brother and lies to God that he does not know where Abel is. David 's, commission of adultery with Bathsheba cost him the life of two sons. The, first original sinner, Eve, by eating the apple led to whole generations being damned by their disobedience. Obedience to God was important to the Israelites because with no sin, God

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