Wile E Coyote Character Analysis

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Life can be hard sometimes, but if one was Wile E. Coyote then his or her life would be extreme rough more times than not. Luckily, Wile E. Coyote, a cartoon character from the cartoon series Loony Toons, is persistent in his life goal of catching his prey, Road Runner, that he never gives up in life when disasters appear to only occur to him and never Road Runner. Even with this determination to never stop till he succeeds, Wile should have been dead or at least severely injured from the extreme situations that he faced, as according to the teachings of physics. While the situations and events that happen to Wile may be hilarious and believable to a child, once someone has gone through physics and re-watches the clips, that person starts to see the falsifies within the cartoon series. In this relatively brief 14-minute clip that is composed of various Looney Toons sketches between Wile and Road Runner, Wile encounters many setbacks to his plan of pursing his prey, Road Runner (Jones et al., 2011). The physics teachings of Newton’s First Law, and conservation of momentum are both ignored at least one time in the video highlighting the unsuccessful schemes by Wile E. Coyote.
The idea that an object can be suspended in air a few seconds before it begins to be acted upon by a
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Coyote’s many plots are unsuccessful in catching Road Runner. For instance, Wile defies the law of inertia by immediately stopping, in mid-air, once he runs off a cliff. Another example, Wile challenges the law of momentum conservation by only getting squashed by a moving object, at least twice the size of Wile. Both instances reveal falsities in physics for the enjoyment of slap-stick humor. Even though Wile may have been unsuccessful in almost all his schemes to catch Road Runner, the disregard of realistic physics appears to have let Wile be
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