Wisdom Quotes In Fahrenheit 451

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Wisdom comes with experience and knowledge over the course of a lifetime. Society effects this wise effect that is inputed upon people and a dystopia can really reflect on how this wisdom is used and perceived. Particularly it is Faber that is the one that most represents how Montag achieves knowledge and overall wisdom. Not only does Faber put information,wisdom, into Montag's mind by using the green bullet, but he also gives Montag his wisdom about the society they currently live in. Faber even stated when he first meet Montag in the park that bare a translucent green light that, "I talk the meaning of things. I sit here and know I'm alive" ( Bradbury, 75). Faber is a man that has experienced being alive in his world and exactly how dangerous his world can be. He shares with Montag the truth about what their society is missing…show more content…
You can take wisdom as it comes or learn from another being. Montag learns with the guidance of his mentor, Faber, that he has to survive the system. He has to break out of the cave that closed in on him long ago. The society that has caged everyone with concepts that ruin and cause severe damage to the ability of possessing knowledge is a crime to a man with wisdom. Discovering how Faber's role in Fahrenheit 451 was so imperative to Montag reaching some sort of conclusive idea about the society made me think about how much of an effect Haymitch, in The Hunger Games, had on Katniss, the protagonist in the film. Much like Faber to Montag, Haymitch provided assistance with his long and extensive wisdom about the society he lives in with Katniss. He was a mentor to her and he helped her understand why the world has to hold these Games. More importantly he shared his own thoughts on the matters at hand, much like Faber did with Montag. Haymitch was there for Katniss because he told her the truth, which is something she needed while living in the dystopian society
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