Women In The Taming Of The Shrew

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It is given in today's society that “First comes love, then comes marriage”, but this wasn't always how things were done earlier in history.The idea that marriage is based on love, rather than wealth, is a fairly new concept. A play that's main idea revolves around the characters marital status more than the characters themselves called Taming of the Shrew which takes place during the renaissance time period shows us that Marriage alone has been a concept that has rapidly changed in time.
In the late fifteen hundreds marriages were arranged frequently for money, power, or land disregarding the love that two people did or did not share. Its was only the poor that married for love but even then that wasn't always the case. The wealthy classes commonly had arranged marriages. When entering these type of marriages there wasn't a gateway out. Divorce was not an option. Only “till death do us part” was viable. Girls were able to marry as young as …show more content…

These words were used to describe a nagging and ill tempered woman in william shakespeare's the Taming of the shrew,women categorized in this section had a harder time finding a man willing to spend their life with them even with the money, land or the power. These women were very opinionated and would seem to want to be the dominate in the relationship. In The taming of the shrew the lack of authority impacts the text in dictatorship of why the character Kate was not considered “tamed”. During the time period it was unusual for a women to have her own voice and feel as if she was empowered enough to use it. Kate’s father was a wealthy man who needed to marry off his older daughter before his other daughter younger more agreeable daughter Bianca. Bianca was considered a perfect example of a woman. She obeyed her father, only spoke when she was spoken, she was delicate and soft spoken.She was overall the perfect woman and potential

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